GVCS plc, Consulting firm in Ethiopia

Great Vision Consultancy Service (GVCS) PLC

Great Vision Consultancy Services PLC, as its name indicates is a consultancy, research and training private firm. It is a freshly established organization with a team of highly qualified, experienced, multidisciplinary and certified professionals. Our major focus area is project management consultancy, training and research. GVCS envisions seeing people who are free from any forms of sufferings, including sufferings from consequences of projects’ mishandling, across the world. The organization is committed to add critical values to the efforts of others for more quality, relevance, effectiveness and credibility of outcomes of project/program interventions. GVCS PLC also caters for ensuring cross cutting issues such as gender equality, environmental soundness and sustainability in any socio economic project services.

We are dedicated to add critical values to your golden efforts by accomplishing the following major tasks, but not limited to:

 Project/program evaluation.
Baseline survey, assessment, case study and any research.
Market and/or Value chain analysis.
Proposal/Business plan preparations.

Vulnerability and/or capacity analysis.
Technical advice on BPR & Kaizen leadership philosophies.
Capacity building trainings of any kind.
and Others (upon request).


GVCS PLC is one of a few consultancy, training and research firms in Ethiopia that based itself out of Addis Ababa, the capital. Our office is located in Adama/Nazareth, some 100kms away from Addis. Our office is furnished with necessary office equipment such as computers, printers, fax machine, photocopy machine etc., office facilities such as telephone, broadband internet etc., and field vehicles such as SCOOTY electric cycle. The office is also furnished with standard furniture. Our staff members with varying subject matter specialties such as sociologist, plant breeder, development professional, economist, education professional, health professional, engineer and others are the assets we rely on most to accomplish tasks skillfully and timely with quality.

The general manager who is responsible for coordinating the overall work processes in the firm has over 16 years’ experience in development, emergencies, training and research while working with public sector, international charities and private sectors.

   Ethiopian Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church Development Organization, South-East Centeral Ketena Development Office, (EMWACDO, SECKDO) Berehet Livelihood Food Security Project.

  Agricultural Transformation Agency of Ethiopia (ATA)

  World Vision Ethiopia (WVE)

These are some of our clients who loved our work.

  Menschen für Menschen Ethiopia (MfM)

  LIFT Programme in Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources – Ethiopia

  Abebayehu Girma Meat Processing Private Company – Ethiopia